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Making Space
How do you make space?
More storage.
Less stuff.
Storage is a key problem for a lot of people. Especially for families with children. Using clever storage solutions can really open and clear a space. We all have "stuff" we need, but knowing best how to store it all seems to be the problem. Making Spaces are eager to find creative yet practical solutions to storage issues. A house with suitable storage feels instantly bigger and tidier.
Making Spaces offers an eBay selling and sourcing service. Having over 10 years experince of buying and selling online we can move-on older and larger pieces of furniture for pieces that fit your needs better. If your box room. garage or loft is full to the brim, selling items can be a good way of raising some cash, opening up a new room and giving you a fresh start. 


"Only well-designed homes with space to live in will appeal to people's aspirations."

The Guardian, 2012