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Making Spaces - Ready for Market 

Getting your home ready to sell can feel like an impossible task. You don't see your own home with a fresh set of eyes like a buyer does. Making Spaces can help.


So many sellers have to lower their asking price considerably because buyers believe there is too much work to do on a property. If sellers can spot the things that will put potential buyers off before-hand, they could avoid a lengthy, exhausting period of viewings and negotiations. Making Spaces can help remove as many of these concerns as possible. Sorting out known problems. Tidying up areas of paintwork. De-cluttering. Making your house look as big as it can be. After all, people want space and a house that’s ready to move in to.


Karen bought her first home in 2001 which needed complete refurbishment inside and out.  She sold it in 2014 for 10% more than the agent’s valuation. The agent believed this was because of the care and attention taken with the design and presentation.


Let Making Spaces help you sell your home by getting the most out of what it offers a potential buyer, showcase its features and deal with issues that may prevent a sale. 



"If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s actually more cost effective to invest in giving it a facelift and ‘sell’ a lifestyle to the buyer, rather than having to drop your asking price."

Rightmove Blog, 2015


For a more detailed leaflet on the Ready For Market package, please click here.