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The project: Ground floor extension and two storey refurb of a 1930's detached property  


My role: Design consultancy, layout and spatial planning, full design concept for the living room with product sourcing and specification

Timeframe: 18 months

£: 5 days plus initial consultation

Featured: The Yorkshire Post

Karen is absolutely fantastic! I was a fan of her blog & then realised she was Leeds based - so could actually work with her... We were doing a renovation & had lots of ideas... but it’s difficult to know what will & won’t work... so we booked a Karen for a day, split over a couple of sessions.

Firstly - she helped us with practical & realistic view of the architects plans. Yes - the architect needed to go back to the drawing board - and yes every day we are pleased we gave her the plans to look at!

Second - she designed our living room. Chatted with us & just got exactly what we were trying to do & then made it possible. She chose lights that were £25 from Made as well as some other higher end items - she understood our need to stick to budget!

Finally - we then booked an additional day - and this time worked with Karen as a sounding board and ideas vault rather than a full design as she’d helped build our confidence.

She’s just bloody brilliant and totally doesn’t realise it.

Mr and Mrs Chatterley, Leeds

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