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Making Spaces is the brain child of Karen Knox, the daughter of a woodwork teacher and a homemaker. Her background in the arts and creative industries began at an early age and as a child she was always more interested in making things than playing out.


Creativity continued throughout her studies and she moved to Leeds in '97 to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Often described as quirky and with "an excellent eye for design" she was recognised for her attention to detail. This led her perfectly into project management within the arts where she really found her feet.


Karen took a career break in 2013 after having her son and in 2015, Making Spaces was born. Making Spaces has since taken on a life of its own with Karen's work receiving critical acclaim worldwide, alongside winning 'Best of Houzz' awards for five consecutive years.

I have hired interior designers before, been to interior shops where they help you furnish and style a room. None of them have had the same creative flair or deep understanding of space and functionality. Karen delivers a very personal service and goes to great lengths to understand you and the space.

K. Griggs, York

... Karen meticulously reviewed our architects plans and suggested several changes that have greatly improved the layout and space. Without her early input we would have made expensive mistakes. Hire Karen BEFORE you start any building work and you will reap the benefits. 

K. Griggs, York

"Enter, self-taught interiors guru, Karen Knox of Making Spaces, with her eye for bold colours, textures and intuition for what’s going to feel just right"



After being completely overwhelmed by the success of Making Spaces, Karen recognised a real need for creative and accessible design across the whole of the UK. Whilst understanding the value in remote design work and offering that as a service, she accepted its limitations, learning it certainly wasn't right for everyone.  


In August 2017, Karen co-founded the Interior Design Collective alongside Fiona Duke of Fiona Duke Interiors, another freelance interior design creative based in Essex.



"The IDC celebrates and connects like minded designers so we, as a collective can offer great design services across the UK.  Accessible, client-led interior design has never been in greater demand, but finding the right person for you and your home is not an easy task.... breaking down the myths about interior design, even more so. We are trying to change that.


The IDC supports and showcases those talented designers who offer professional, inspirational and flexible interior design services, making it easy for you to connect with someone close to home."