Great for those who are far afield, would love a Making Spaces design and are happy to do the work themselves. Suitable for single room designs only, not whole properties or renovations.

Here's how it works:

1. Two hour remote consultation.


First hour: I work through your brief, images of the space in question, floor-plans and room measurements and any ideas you have or Pinterest boards you have collated. The more information you send over, the better. 


Second hour: A one to one on Skype where we get to meet (virtually), chat in more detail and discuss some initial ideas.

2. With all of the information from the initial two hour consultation I get to work on your design. Your personalised design package will be emailed over to you, normally within five days and includes: 

Digital mood-board and/or wall elevation(s)

Pinterest board with suggested finishes, furniture, furnishings and accessories with links to where to purchase. I often Pin several options per item so you have some flexibility to make small changes

To-scale floor-plan. Very important so you can see the layout and how the individual elements fit in your room 

Any additional information required to explain and support the overall design


3. One hour's follow up via email where you can make small changes to the overall design.

4. Now it's over to you. Time to get to work on making your new space. Good luck!

Fee - £795 per room

The remote design pack is the equivalent of 16 hours. If you feel you need more time to perfect the design or help to finish your room after completing your design package, you're welcome to book additional time which is charged at either £65p/hr or £400 for 8 hours.

Fee is based on an average sized, single use room. Larger, more complicated spaces may cost more. Not suitable for whole redesigns houses or renovations.

Additional fee for technical drawings and detailed joinery plans.

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